Thursday, June 6, 2013

Malmo: The end of the road.

Most of our group headed home, or off to other distant lands, after our Denmark adventure. But eight of us took the short ferry from Bornholm to Malmo, Sweden instead. My great great grandmother was from Malmo and she was baptized in the Baltic Sea (as a young adult) around 1860. She was disowned by her family for joining the LDS church and eventually came to America on her own. I imagine she was very familiar with this 14th century church, St. Peter's Cathedral, and the nearby town square that we walked through several times. Cool.
 Love the stained glass!

The cathedral was so striking with the ornate gold against pure white walls and arches. But then we found this room, which has been restored to uncover the original ceiling artwork. It was gorgeous! At some point, this whole church was covered in these beautiful paintings.
photo via liz

We walked all over Malmo and were impressed that it was so clean and modern, and rich in history as well.
Twisted building.
This merry-go-round was in the middle of the business district.

Cool rocks on the Baltic.
We ate falafel in the Middle Eastern district, bought lots of fabulous chocolate at a Swedish Walmart-type store, then we walked Peter and Darin to the train station so they could get back to the airport (Italy bound).
There's that new green scarf. And of course, the peach sweater.

For dinner, our destination was Epicure. It was seriously the most amazing Italian food I've had. Even my Italian brother-in-law was raving. Who would have thought we'd find drool-worthy Italian in Sweden?
That night I was the beneficiary of a small miracle - eight hours of sleep for the first time in eight days. HEAVEN! I didn't even care that we were flying home the next morning and I would have to start the whole jet-lag process all over. Sleep is never to be taken for granted.
Cute bikes in front of the hotel.


amyegodfrey said...

I loved every picture and it only makes me determined to go there someday. Maybe with you and Mark as our guides?

Sarah said...

I'd love it!