Wednesday, August 7, 2013

bluewater ranch

Three days in the Land of Enchantment at my in-laws' ranch was just what we needed after two weeks of school. We traded homework and schedules for horses, quads and freedom. Oh, and lots of cousins and delicious food! Did I mention cooler weather and rain? It was wonderful.
Hank wore his pink boots, naturally. These were a neighbor's hand-me-down to Molly when she was four. But Molly didn't have the boot obsession like Hank does. They are his favorite shoes, even at home.
George has an abiding love for Poppy, the dog. Poppy's not sure if she wants to return his affections though.
These boys are all within six months of each other. They played pretty well, with only the occasional brawl.
The cousins put on a talent show that was most entertaining! No lack of stage presence and charm in this family.

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abby said...

The ranch seems so so cool. The G family needs a ranch!