Thursday, August 8, 2013

circus flags

I finished this quilt just in time to take it with me to Bluewater, where I gave it to my niece, Charlotte, and her mom. Charlotte is not an infant anymore. Nonetheless, a quilt was due. 
I used See Kate Sew's tutorial. I like it when awesome quilt bloggers are willing to share their patterns and ideas. I've had this one pinned for quite some time. I am calling my version "Circus Flags."

Hank and George are my new quilt holders, since the older kids moan and whine about the inconvenience and physical toll that holding quilts takes on them.
Turns out, even the three years olds couldn't be bothered with it for very long. 
So I brought it inside for a few more photos.
Charlotte was not all that impressed.

But her mom liked it. That's what makes me happy.
Here's the back.
I tried scallops for the first time (the shapes, not the sea creatures) and I think I am in love with this quilting technique. It was a good way to soften the sharp triangles and pretty simple to maneuver through my machine.


Laura said...

I am pretty sure people don't really comment anymore, but I have to say I LOVE THIS QUILT!! I also wanted to tell you what a small world it is! This morning I read Steph's blog and saw the adorable quilt. Then I saw the picture of you with Steph. I quickly called my sister, Julie, and told her that "her Sarah" was on a blog I read this morning. I told her of the adorable quilt, and she said you have adorable quilts all the time on Pinterest. Too fun!! My sister Julie is Julie Dieker Graves. SMALL WORLD HUH?? You are as beautiful as I remember you! Have a great one with all those gorgeous children! ~Laura

ashley said...

Sarah I love this quilt! I also love your blog!

Sarah said...

What a treat to hear from you! It is a small world! I am surprised and happy that you remember me. Thank you so much for commenting. I hope blog commenting never dies - I welcome it and love it!

Love your blog! So fun to see you and Julie! Please tell her hello!!!!!!!!

Sarah said...

Thank you! Just checked out your blog - what a cute family!

abby said...

This quilt is just BEYOND. I'm dying over the scallops.

Heather said...

I really like the scalloped quilting look! How did you do it? It doesn't look like you marked it first...??? I'm totally intrigued.

Sarah said...

I did not mark it, just eye-balled it, which wasn't difficult using the seams as a loose guide. Also, the scallops aren't perfect of anything.

Sarah said...

Thanks Ab!

jamiebarazoto said...

The scallops are to DIE for!!!

Amy said...

Love the triangles with scallops!

Sarah said...

Jamie and Amy!
Thank you!

Muche said...

...and that is why you had twins, much easier to hold a quilt. If you had had one, at 3, he couldn't hold it alone.Seeee, there is a reason for everything :) I'm a genius! Super cute quilt btw :)

Kathryn said...

This quilt is gorgeous! I have made two quilts (one twin size and one full size)using a friends sewing machine. I'm now looking to purchase my own without spending a small fortune. Any tips on what machines are best for quilting and will last a while?

Sarah said...

Thanks for stopping by! I have a Pfaff 1473 machine that I bought used 10 years ago. It is still holding strong and I love it. Admittedly, it is all I really know (and Viking bought Pfaff years ago, so I don't know if they are still sold under the Pfaff name). I recommend stopping by a local sewing machine repair shop. They often have used machines for sale and they can also tell you which machines need the fewest repairs. I hear good things about Bernina.

Make sure to get one that you can lower the presser foot halfway and drop the feed dogs (both are for free-motion quilting).

Good luck!