Tuesday, September 10, 2013

baby potluck

Introducing Potluck's little sister: Baby Potluck. I had so many squares from the original leftover, I couldn't resist putting this one together. I laid it out with the white squares randomly placed throughout. But after sewing the rows together, I decided I wanted the white squares to look more intentional, so I rearranged everything and settled on this white V formation.
Hank and George are always eager to help me with quilt photos, but Goerge's little conniving is something to watch out for. I helped them stand on the bench, and then told them to hold the quilt up high. As soon as I stepped back to take the photo, George whispered: "Let's drop it. 1, 2, 3!"
We tried it again, but George still had a hard time following directions. What a shocker!
So back inside I went. Hank followed. He is especially excited about photos these days. He wants to be in every shot.
Sidenote: My boys love this old Rice Krispies shirt they've had since they were two. Especially Hank. He looks for it every morning. I let them choose their own clothes (most days) and Hank cannot get enough of his faded, too small, two-year-old clothing (he's wearing holes in these plaid shorts). Despite my efforts to replenish their wardrobe, they prefer the "tried and true" standbys. If I remove them permanently, I think Hank will have a panic attack.
The back is aqua flannel with one white cotton stripe. I quilted it in the double leaf pattern again and bound it using scraps from other quilt bindings. It seemed fitting.
Baby Potluck is for my neighbor's sweet baby, Larissa.


Camille said...

I still love patchwork so much, and this is the perfect example of why! It's perfect!

abby said...

I honestly don't know how you give these away Sar. Each and every one is amazing! I love this one and I love the boys' modeling. :)

MarySue said...

Beautiful work!

amyegodfrey said...

I don't know how you make that design on the back so perfect. Every quilt you make is amazing. The boys have a ton of personality-I love their antics!