Tuesday, October 8, 2013

impulse craigslist purchase

Yesterday, I was looking for chairs on craigslist. I got side tracked and found this gem of a dresser. I quickly called and made an offer, lower than the asking price, and jumped in the car to go pick it up. In my excitement, I probably offered too much, because the owner took it without counter-offering, and offered to throw a matching headboard in for free. (I didn't take it). Oh well. I still love it. 
Now I'm trying to decide if I should paint the wood. Everything is in its original 1954 condition, including the contrasting white drawers, and gold legs and hardware; so those would all stay. But the rest of the wood/veneer dresser is just ok. If I do paint, I'm not even sure what color I'd use. Mark is suggesting I live with it for awhile to really be sure painting is the way to go. Any advice?
The owner told me this piece graced the cover of Drexel Furniture's 1954 catalog. He said he was a picker and he had done his research. I can't find any evidence of that, but I want to believe him. Just look at those concave top drawers.
Sidenote: Hank launched a grand fit when we moved his old dresser out, and this one in. He has a hard time with new anything. His old dresser is a 50+ year old hand-me-down, but lacks any character and has at least 12 layers of dirty white paint by its previous owners.


abby said...

It is SO GOOD. Total score! I love it as is although the wood would look good darker. I suppose you can't stain the veneer though. Anything you do/don't do will be fabulous.

abby said...

P.S. Where are the boys' beds from? Love!!

Sarah said...

Their beds are from Target online. I bought them last year.
I agree that the dresser should be darker. I think that means paint is in order.

susan said...

I say give it some time and then see what you think. Maybe its paint, or perhaps leave it as is.

I'm personally beginning to get suspicious of the whole 'paint it' movement. When this trend has run its course, will we all be spending hours scraping paint to get back to the original finish?

But if you don't love it as is, then paint-it-to-love-it is the way to go!

Sarah said...

I absolutely know what you mean about painted "everything." With this piece, it looks like I am (sadly) dealing with laminate veneered sides, and maybe more. Wish it was wood veneer throughout. I think I would lean towards "leaving it" if not for the laminate.

Jenni said...

I love this piece of furniture! I love vintage!! And I think it looks great even like that! Great find!!!