Thursday, October 24, 2013

catch up

I guess I should jump back on the blog train. It moves way too fast for me most days. But for today, full steam ahead! (Read: Lots of photos.)
Mark and I went to Santa Barbara, CA for a weekend trip he won at work. It was wonderful: great weather, great company, great food. We ate at Jeannine's bakery twice. The glazed banana french toast was so good!

We spent an afternoon in Solvang, just 45 minutes from Santa Barbara. It's a 100 year old town settled by Danes and it has retained it's Danish charm. (Lots of Swedish influence here too). It is very touristy, but pretty fun, and I found more of my favorite Marabou chocolate (for a pretty penny).
We missed the upcoming annual Danish Days celebration by a week. I hear they have a parade and lots of good Danish fun.
 Mmmmmm. Aebleskivers.
We went to church in Santa Barbara and then headed back to the cutest airport ever. Virtually empty. Beautiful Spanish architecture and art. And a darling old painted piano right smack in the middle of the baggage claim area.

Yep. I played, by request of a fellow passenger: "The Rose" and "God Speed the Right." No, he did not request those particular songs, but when I sat down, he did convince me to perform. It didn't take much. Let me be clear, I do not actually play the piano. I just have a few songs tucked away for special occasions.
  Love these tiles.
 And the murals.
A week later, I threw a little 40th surprise party for Mark at The DUCE. He was totally surprised and thrilled! YAY! I can't believe I pulled that off.


abby said...

You're looking all sorts of gorgeous! I've been wanting to go to Solvang lately, but sounds like it's not that great? Or probably just not that cool when you just experienced the real deal. I'm surprised I don't have God Speed the Right in my pocket arsenal, just Sweet Hour of Prayer and Nearer My God to Thee. And the sad song from Sense and Sensibility. Nothing touches The Rose, though.

jamiebarazoto said...

Moral of the're one hot babe with an awesome life and dreamy hair.

kristen said...

we went to solvang once. we rode around in a 4 or 6 person bike (i can't remember who all was there.

Sarah said...

The difference is u can actually play the piano.
Solvang is fun if u happen to be in the area. Not necessarily a destination hot spot.
Thanks for the love!

Sarah said...

Jamie, if only I could have your hair!

Sarah said...

Kristen, I saw those bikes. They looked fun!
Great to hear from you!

Jenni said...

We loved Solvang and we did ride those bikes and it about killed our legs! Ha!
Mark looks like a happy birthday boy, good work Sarah!

Elizabeth Bryant said...

I love that you played "God Speed the Right" in the middle of an airport. I also love Mark's mustache. It's super classy.