Monday, November 4, 2013

wingback win

I just bought this wingback chair over the weekend. Yes, it's another Craigslist find. It is from 1960, and in super condition! The cushioning is even in great shape, which means it's comfortable, and that's Mark's first and foremost furniture requirement. (A $50 price tag is a close second.)

We were going to store it in the garage until I could get it re-upholstered, but I wanted to see how it looked in the living room. I didn't say anything to the kids - just let them discover it on their own. Each one came in and was surprised, then sat down and loved it. I can't keep them off of it now. It kind of bothers me that I don't actually know where it's been for the last 53 years (I bought it through a Craigslist consignment dealer), and I'm letting my kids crawl all over it, but I do love having it in the house. I'm actually loving the pink too.

Unfortunately, Mark's third furniture requirement is no pink.


Jenni said...

LOVE it and I love it just like that.
Ster's requirement is no purple and we have purple everywhere. Whoops.
GREAT find!!!

Ezra, Kian & Eden said...

Wow! That is a great find Sarah!
Brig and I are currently furniture shopping and I WISH I could find such a classic piece for $50. You are a deal machine. :)

Sarah said...

Jenni, I'm thinking the pink might just grow on mark.

Sarah said...

Craigslist can be a treasure trove, or complete disappointment. Sometimes it's just not worth it.

jamiebarazoto said...

This is totally a win and even better than I imagined! The pink looks awesome, too.

Sarah said...

yay! I'm so glad you like it!