Tuesday, February 11, 2014

a temple trip

Mark and I were able to walk through the new Gilbert temple a few weeks ago, on a lovely slow tour with a group of mostly visitors to our church. We relaxed under sparkling chandeliers while our guide explained art and architecture, procedures and purposes.  It was peaceful and awe-inspiring and it ranks up there as a favorite day, for sure.
Last Friday, we were able to take our whole family to see the temple. Although it was not a slow-paced tour by any means, it was still so great! 
Just a few hiccups: George refused to wear the little carpet-protecting shoe covers. Refused. So our guide said he could just go barefoot. No, he didn't even have socks. Just sandals. I have to say, his bare feet were probably dirtier than the sandals he was wearing. And halfway through, Hank looked at George's feet and realized the injustice he was enduring in the form of little white plastic bags on his feet. Hank's a good sport though, and kept his on.
That same child (George) started to melt down just as we began the tour. So while we started out eagerly at the very front of the group, we quickly found ourselves at the very back, with the follow-up usher, ushering us along. She very sweetly told us we might need to carry George up the stairs if he wasn't cooperative. She was very sweet. But George immediately insisted (loudly) "NO! I can walk." From that moment on, he had a focus - STAIRS! And there were a lot of them. Forget the Swarovski crystal chandeliers: We are talking four flights of stairs! That is four year old heaven.
Upon exiting the temple, every single child thought they might collapse from starvation, so we drove our famished-from-all-those-stairs selves across the street to the Waffle Crush truck. We were thinking it could count as dinner. We thought wrong. Even our sugar-loving kids can't handle ice cream AND chocolate AND Nutella AND fresh cream AND marshmallows on a waffle - for dinner! Sugar overload is an understatement. The waffles are super delish so we all agreed that next time we will order perfectly plain waffles. Maybe a few berries too. But that's it.
The temple is a must! If you haven't been, GO! 
Saturday, February 15th is the last day.


amyegodfrey said...

Lucky readers! Another post today. I love all your photos. Everyone in the family looks so beautiful and handsome and smartly dressed.

abby said...

This reminds me of when we went to the Brigham City open house with the Craigs and Milo decided he had to go to the bathroom immediately when we were in a temple hallway amid throngs of people. It wasn't quite the peaceful temple experience I had hoped for! This temple looks so gorgeous. Can't wait to go.

Jennifer said...

Beautiful, beautiful photos! These make me want to come visit in the sunshine so bad. And that temple is stunning. Almost as gorgeous as your outfit with that orange skirt and red shoes...almost.

Sarah said...

Don't get my hopes up! We DO need to get together again soon!

When you mentioned the orange skirt and red shoes, and I had to go back and look because that combo sounds...interesting at best. Pretty embarrassing if that's what everyone is seeing.The shoes are actually brown, but probably lean a little red.

Jennifer said...

So funny, I just now looked back over it and noticed they were brown, and I was about to update my comment when I read yours. My bad!! Apparently, up here in the fashion vacuum that is the Tri-Cities, we frumpy moms can't tell brown from red. :)

But I must say, even when I thought they were red, you looked fabulous! I honestly thought, "Only Sarah could pull off orange and red." And you could! You just get more hip and cute every time I see you. (I need your help!)