Monday, March 31, 2014

february and march goings-on

>>> Owen turned 8 and was baptized. I can't believe he is getting so old. Turning 8 also means cub scouts and he is pretty thrilled about future pine wood derbies and campouts.
>>> The Gilbert Temple cultural celebration was fantastic! 12,000 youth performed their hearts out and it was beyond impressive. These photos are from a "dry-run." The actual performance was accompanied by complete and constant rain. There was no cover. No umbrella. No place to hide. The rain saturated everything: the ground, their hair, their clothes, their instruments, and their costumes! My kids came home entirely drenched. And they loved every minute of it. (Mostly.) Watch clips here.
>>> Molly played the ukulele for one of the songs. It was my favorite.
[Making cultural celebration costumes for the Babylonian Fire Dance.]
>>> The following day was clear and bright for the official temple dedication. 
>>> We recently realized that Grace is four inches taller than Jonah! They are only two months apart, and have always been about the same height. Until last week, I guess. 
It was crazy to see how much Grace has grown without me even noticing. She is only two inches shy of Molly.
Owen is catching up quickly too. I had a hard time finding him a suit for his baptism. The one I bought is on the brink of high-water status, and I already let the hem out as far as it will go. Stop growing, children!
>>> Maybe it's insensitive of me to post pictures of our southwest spring, given the horrible winter that's raging across the country. But it really is lovely here and before I know it, the fire-breathing dragon-of-a-summer will enter the picture.
I have to enjoy it while I can.


amyegodfrey said...

I'm so happy to see another post and I love all these photos! I'll look at them every day until you post again.

abby said...

I forgot to comment on this. I love these little updates! Keep em coming!