Tuesday, June 30, 2015

flying geese for simon

"Finishing" this quilt in December meant that I managed to get the top done and I could wrap it up for my sister in law's baby shower as a partially finished gift. Later that month, baby Simon was born. The next few months were slow due to machine tension glitches. Oh the glitches!
You know what they say, [January, February, March and] April showers bring May flowers. And glorious May brought a finished product! 
These few months have certainly treated baby simon well: just look at that cute little babe! And when I say "little," I mean chubbalicious, of course.
 Simon's favorite colors are black and white. What are the odds!!!?
It's a little hard to see in some of the shots, but I used a creamy white for the majority of the quilt, and added some pure white triangles for a subtle contrast.
The back is tan and white. Quilt idea from Lindsay Stead.


Val and Dan said...

Sarah, I love your quilts! Someday I want to hire you to make a quilt for our guest bedroom! (...when we actually have a guest bedroom.) I LOVE them! --valerie abenroth

amyegodfrey said...

Your quilts are superb works of art. This is so beautiful.

Erin said...

Sarah, how did I forget you had a wonderful blog?! I saw your quilt board on Pinterest and hurried right over. As usual, everything you touch looks perfect, my talented friend!

Sarah said...

Thank you Erin!