Thursday, June 4, 2015

[prom] a formal dance, especially one held by a high school or college class at the end of an academic year.

 The waiting.
The daddy/daughter pose.
The pinning.
The awkward photo moments required by the parents.
The "real" photos.
The whole group.
The superhero moment.
The dinner.
The dance.
The end.


amyegodfrey said...

Oh, wow! I'm gasping at some of these! They are fantastic! Molly is a stunner and she and her date are charming together. I love her dress, her hair, her attitude. Everything.

AliceK[i]ND said...

She is so gorgeous, and she looks just like you!

Sarah said...

alice, thank you.

Sarah said...

And mom, thank you!

Ezra, Kian & Eden said...

How fun! Molly is darling! She radiates beauty and happiness. Can't believe these kids are getting so old! ;) It's fun to see them grow up.

Gina said...

She's a beauty Sarah, just like her Mom. :) Looks like lots of fun.

Jennifer said...

Gorgeous, all of it! Molly is stunning and your clone. And I love her dress--so elegant and feminine, and unique! She pulls off your style, I love it. Cute date too!