Thursday, April 2, 2009

Candyland and the Showtel

Walt was Irish. He must have been. How else do you explain the mania at Disneyland on St. Patrick's Day? Disneyland. Yes. We visited this happy little place during the dreaded "it's-going-to-be-packed" spring break. And it was. Packed. Our second day was more enjoyable, less crowded, decidedly more fun than the first. It was a non St. Patrick's kind of day. And since we had friends with us, it was much easier to keep track of everyone. I only lost Owen once. He won't let me forget it.
Owen appears in most of these pictures. When you can't go on the The Tower of Terror, and such, your mom gets to take your picture on the merry-go-round, and such. Mom needs a subject to shoot. And Owen was it. When asked what his favorite part of the trip was, Owen said, "I liked the showtel [hotel] and climbing the mountains [Brother Bear's boulders]. I just love Candyland! [Disneyland]" The showtel was nice, but Club 33, TWICE, was the highlight for me (thanks Pepper). Quiet, peaceful, air conditioned, white linens, service galore, all-you-can-eat great food, etc. etc. AND I pretty much met Troy Aikman in the buffet line. Actually, Grace stood next to him impatiently, while he was taking his time with the shrimp or cheese or something that she wanted. I encouraged her to be patient, thinking he might look over and say, "that's OK." He didn't. Not even a glance. Close encounter might be a better description. Read about last year's club 33 celebrity sighting here and here. Also on this trip I saw:
  • Christine Welch (or is it Welsh) and family
  • Shelley DeWitt and family
  • Mindy Neal and family
  • a short man at club 33 who everyone thought was a famous rapper, but we were all clueless about rappers and their names. "He walked like he was somebody."
10 points if you know who any of these people are.
{If you don't see someone you know at Disneyland, was it really a fulfilling vacation? I say nay.}
Here we are at Club 33, dressed in our best greens (well some of us) just like the rest of the crazy masses at the park that day. Note to self: Candyland and St. Patty's Day don't mix. Sorry Laddy Walt.


Hilary said...

Fun times! So how did you luck out to get into Club 33? I had never heard of that before! It sounds pretty fru-fru. Adorable photos.

Gina and David said...

I'm wondering how you got in there too. I'm sure you don't pay the $5,000 annual fee. :o) Sounds like an awesome trip. Can't wait to go back to Candyland someday. We went in mid-October and it was empty...well, empty for Disneyland. The longest wait was 20 minutes for Peter Pan. Even Nemo wasn't that long when we ditched the parade early the second night. It was a great time to go.

The Skinners said...

10 points to me - gotta love the Welsh's. Christine blogged about Club 33 and that's the only other time I've heard of it. Sounds fun!

And what sweet things you had to say in your last post! Thank you! I was wondering why I had twice the normal amount of visitors on our blog for a few days. And I passed the message onto my mom.

Sarah said...

Hilary and Gina,
We have a friend who has a connection through her father's work. She was very kind to get us in!

You get 5 bonus points. Thanks for correcting my bad memory. I should have known that it's Welsh, not Welch. And that's funny that Christine's blogged about club 33 too. When we talked, I guess that never came up. We ran into her at the Mcdonald's in Blythe on the way there.

And you are more than welcome.

Ezra, Kian, & Eden said...

Hey Sarah---your trip to "Candyland" looks like it was fun. I've heard about the famed Club 33 but don't think I've ever known someone whose been on the "inside"---you are officially my most prized friend. ;) We totally recognized Angie Harmon as soon as we saw her(apparently I read too much People magazine). The photo I posted wasn't that great since we were snapping on the sly---who ever wants to look like they are star struck? We were trying to play it cool. :) Anyway, we saw Harry Hamlin too (married to Lisa Rinna sp?) but didn't snap any pics. I guess it was "Obscure TV Star" day at Disneyland.

amyraye said...

so great you live so close to disneyland, but such a disappointment to go when it's crowded. i hate crowds at disneyland; i have to agree with the other comment: october or november are great months to go.
club 33 sounds really awesome and swanky.

amyegodfrey said...

I love the photos you posted! Your trip reminds me of the fun times we had there with you when Grace and Aaron were babies, and again 3 years ago.

AliceK[i]ND said...

Only 10 points for me.

Who is Owen flipping off in his stroller?????

Sarah said...

That is too funny!!! I hadn't even noticed that! Looks like a double flip to me.