Wednesday, December 3, 2014

sure, it's Christmas, but...

I can't forget Halloween. I mean, I can. It was months ago. But I must document costumes. I was commissioned by my children to make three of these. For the others, I was just a contributing donor. Can you guess which ones I made?
Old school photo strip.
Viking Lumberjack.
Jedi Master.
Vintage batman. The costume that keeps on giving. 
(See this year. And this year. But not this year.)
Mary Poppins.
One of my mom's student's made this hat and detachable beard. It is awesome! Jonah has used it for many school projects. Did you know that Caesar Augustus had a long black beard? Me neither.
Grace had already left for a party at this point.
And Rosie. She's just riveting. And blurry.
Merry Christmas!


Melissa said...

Love it!!

jamiebarazoto said...

So cute and clever!!

Jill said...

These are so adorable. They are so creative!!

abby said...

They're all SO good! Grace's is so clever!! And you and Molly are the perfect Mary and Rosie.

amyegodfrey said...

These costumes are wonderful! The photostrip with Grace is genius! You and Molly are picture perfect! Love Jonah's lumberjack! And Owen, Hank and George are darling.

Sarah said...

The genius behind the photostrip is not mine. Got that idea from Jordan @ Oh Happy Day. But thanks!